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Hey there and a BIG welcome to “Your Brilliant Idea!”

It’s “Mr Why”, Stephen Spry, and throughout this course, I am going to show you how to take your brilliant idea, put it online and turn it into a raging success!

And right NOW is the best time for you to get started on doing this! Not tomorrow… nor next week… but right NOW! Actually, the best time was probably 10 years ago but now will do, as long as you actually DO GET STARTED 🙂

You might find this hard to believe, but this “Your Brilliant Idea!” course is something I wanted to create TEN YEARS AGO in 2008! But I do have some pretty good excuses… err sorry – uhmm… reasons… why the timing just wasn’t right for me back then.

I had a couple of “minor” – cough cough – issues at the time with…
– a real-world business failure (beyond my control) that led to
– a relationship breakup, and
– a house sale,

with a BIG financial loss from all of that! And to add insult to injury, you can throw the old GFC in there for good measure too!

Somebody was trying to tell me something!!! LOL

But, as you do… I quickly shifted into “bugger it all” and “stuff the world” mode!!! And for the next few years, I really couldn’t be bothered doing anything more than what was the bare minimum for me to stay “alive”.

And this seems to be something we all do after big negative “events” like these – shift into “coasting” mode to handle life’s little stressors LOL

Thankfully, I had some good web design clients that helped pay the bills, so I was OK. Just not as “wealthy” as I thought I might be!

Anyways, quite a few years later in January 2016, I had a triple heart bypass. It would seem that “coasting” mode wasn’t necessarily a good “lifestyle” choice for me as it turned out!

And for a large chunk of 2016 and into 2017, this whole heart bypass thing made me re-examine my life a whole lot closerer… and contemplated my navel fluff to try to work out WTF I was supposed to be doing here on this planet, especially now I had been given a “second” chance at it all! And at the ripe old age of 62!

So finally I decided it was time to pull my finger out, and actually DO AND FINISH some of what I had SET OUT TO DO in the first place!!! You see, a guy who had “known” of me for quite some time suggested I “go back to my roots”… and that’s exactly what I did! That meant doing a LOT of tidying up of the evergreen stuff I first put online way back in 1995, 1997 and 2002, and as well, to finally move forward with my 2008 plan!

Slow learner or what? After all… it was only 2017 now 🙂

Obviously, you should note that I am NOT trying to sell you on the “fact” that I am a frigging “guru” at this stuff, and have built a huge mansion and lots of cars and have a 6 or 7 figure income and that you too can be like me!!!

Far from it! LOL

Look never mind… I’m just trying to demonstrate that anyone can VERY easily be TOTALLY distracted by life worse luck! It’s something that can and DOES happen to anyone. I am living proof of that!

I could try to find more excuses and feel “comfortable” with the old saying about good “things come to those who wait”. But, as I just discovered, that saying’s not quite right! No. The full saying is…

“Things come to those who wait, but ONLY the things left by those who hustle.

(And for those who care, the quote is NOT by Abraham Lincoln)

Apparently, we are supposed to HUSTLE for what we want? And if you don’t hustle… and WAIT… well guess what? You’ll only get the LEFTOVERS! Only those things the hustlers missed, or decided they weren’t worth hustling for!

So anyways… at long last… drum roll!!! Here is my “hustle”!

It’s this whole “Your Brilliant Idea” Online Training Course!

And I do hope YBI helps bring CLARITY to the many decisions YOU have to make about your future online. And it should also demonstrate that you should NEVER give up on your dreams!

Oh, wait… before we get started… I do have one VERY IMPORTANT “WARNING” here…

We do NOT discuss DOMAIN NAMES or WEB HOSTING ETC until you get to Module SIX. And there’s a very good reason WHY we leave it that long… because THAT is when we finish all the PLANNING needed! And all that planning helps you choose a “final” name and decide what type of hosting and other services you actually NEED!

I don’t want you diving off right now, wasting money, and buying the WRONG stuff!!!

Be patient Grasshopper!

To Sum Up…

What are your takeaways from this?

  1. NOW is the right time to start.
  2. Anyone, at any AGE, can do this.
  3. Life WILL throw curveballs at you. That is normal!
  4. Planning and Patience will be rewarded.

Next Up…

Let’s dive in and have some fun with Lesson One where you’ll begin the understand the importance of why.

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