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How Your Story Shapes Your Why

In my case, my story (or my collection of “brilliant ideas” as I prefer to call them) goes something like this…

And there are probably plenty of stories I could include from my early years as they have all “shaped” me, in one way, or another. Certainly, anyone who is a lot younger than me, would need to include them all 🙂

There are a couple of significant things from my “early days” that are perhaps very relevant to me, and worth mentioning now. The first is that my Mother sent me off for Speech Training for many years between ages of 9-15, where I learned how to my words clearly in poetry, speech, drama etc.

It was supposed to give this reasonably shy boy a lot more confidence with the public performances! Well that it has done, but then, it scared the crap out of me!

I’ll spare you the rest of the last-child dramas, and boring teenage angst, and fast forward 15.5 years to 1971, when I started Senior High School.

Then, I Wanted to be an Architect…

And that “dream” I had in high school to be an Architect? Well, it DID come true… I’m just not building houses 🙂

Instead, I’m now helping people just like YOU design and build that online business you have been dreaming about. Together, we CAN turn your brilliant idea into a raging online success!

Why??? Because we bloody well CAN!!!

And, 20 plus years after leaving the high school system, it seems I am STILL acting as a Careers Adviser! Maybe since I am trying to get you to consider the possibility of a totally new career path, online??? LOL

So Let’s DO It!!!

  1. Let’s get started RIGHT NOW and find the WHY behind YOUR BRILLIANT IDEA (even if you DON’T have any idea yet)!
  2. Then we’ll work out the details on HOW we’ll do something with it!
  3. And finally, work out WHAT to tell your audience so it can stand out from what everyone else is doing, and become a raging success!

We’ll have a much closer look at all of this in MODULE 1 shortly…

Oh… if you LIKE this “why” concept and want to pursue it a LOT further, go check out the and do their free test!

The “Challenge” Personal Why type was pretty spot on for me I thought! I particularly like the idea of you also understanding the personal whys of your partner, spouse etc., to make sure they are a good fit!

If you got this far then thanks so much for reading my story! I DO hope you can see the benefit of doing the same sort of thing for yourself! 🙂

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