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Wow! That’s a LOT of stuff about me, isn’t it???

Well, I’m not going to apologise for that, because it WAS there for a reason. And certainly not to show you how “great” I am LOL… More exactly the opposite to be honest, but it does illustrate that I have actually “lived” what I am teaching in this course, along with examples of some of the problems you can meet, and overcome 🙂

I think your main takeaways from this are…

  1. You do NOT have to be a “guru” to have a full-time career online. Keep working on the K.I.S.S. stuff for starters! Forget all the distractions of all those bright shiny objects, until you have enough knowledge and experience to work out whether they are REALLY needed, and will WORK, for YOUR particular situation!
  2. Understanding your WHY – and all of those stories that have shaped your past life – will help you determine what you can do in the future, and how you should do it!
  3. Do NOT look to your past actions as being things that might limit what you can do in the future. Learn from the good and the bad (and break bad habits where necessary lol)
  4. As Forrest Gump said, “Shit Happens”. How you respond when life throws all those curveballs at you also has a huge effect on your future.
  5. Don’t be in such a rush. Things just do not happen overnight! When you are first getting started, your plan should be to allow a minimum of six to 12 months (or even more) for things to “happen”. Patience is a virtue (and a necessity).
  6. Yes – and I’ll say it again – “Yes, Get Started NOW!” Don’t delay your plan and wait for a “better” time… because “now” really IS the best time! And just to clarify, I am NOT suggesting that you should chuck in your full-job!!! But please, DO GET STARTED (perhaps part-time initially) and get the ball rolling on developing that new online career path for yourself!


This whole course is best consumed by READING THROUGH IT ALL FIRST to get that “deeper understanding” you need…

… BEFORE you do ANY actual in-depth “work” on your online business.

Once you’ve got a better idea about what you have to do – i.e. ONCE you understand the BIG PICTURE – then you come BACK to each of the modules, and then carry out whatever “work” is needed for your situation.

Understanding the bigger, complete picture FIRST can help you so much with every step you take! Your research is more thorough. Your planning more precise. You know what needs testing. You know what to write etc., etc…

So let’s get started on that, by diving into the next module and learning how people make money online! 🙂

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