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Well it’s great to have you here!

Can I suggest the very first thing you do (if you haven’t already), is to check out our “About” page! It gives you a terrific understanding of WHY this website actually exists in the first place!

It shouldn’t take you long to realise that I ask “Why?” a lot! 🙂 And it’s very useful if you can (learn to) do the same thing too!

So WHY Are We Here?
And HOW Do You Benefit From This?

Well, I think we’re here so I can help YOU to get the best possible start on your new online career!

With the benefit of my hindsight and 22+ years of online experience, I believe I can show you how to:

  • identify your best “brilliant idea” (and some “backup” ones),
  • put it online, and hopefully
  • get it all working for you!!!

By the end of this course  you should ALSO have:

  • a thorough understanding of what is actually involved in setting up an online business,
  • researched and prepared a comprehensive digital business plan,
  • developed a variety of unique content,
  • purchased an appropriate domain name,
  • set up your own WordPress based website (yes, you DO need your own website),
  • purchased the correct cPanel hosting for your needs,
  • established a method of securing email addresses of prospects and buyers for future marketing,
  • identified how you can best grow your business, and
  • discovered useful ongoing education services to further improve your knowledge.

Sound good? I think it sounds marvellous!!!  🙂

So click on the LESSONS tab at the top of the screen, and let’s get started…

My “Official” Welcome

I better “cut the ribbon”, and “Officially Welcome You to YBI” – 7 mins

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it!”

And now… Let’s get stuck into the business of lessons!

“What’s with all the WHYS? – The Importance of Why” – 7 mins
Your very first “lesson” explains The Importance of Why. It almost provides an answer to the “Meaning of Life” – and no, it’s NOT 42! LOL

The Life and Times of “Mr Why” – 30 mins
I then go into a bit of detail with “The Life and Times of Mr Why – How Your Story Shapes Your Why”, and why you should analyse where you are, where you’ve been, and what you want to really achieve!

Meanwhile… Back to You! – 5 mins
The main takeaways from this section.



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