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No-one expects you to DIY everything you have to do online! Sure, you can try that if you are on a tight budget, or if you have plenty of time to do all the research required to find answers to your specific questions.

But What Happens if you get REALLY STUCK?

What then?

Unfortunately, far too many people just throw their hands up in the air… and give up, because they can’t find the answers they need at the time! Which is a huge shame, as the answer can often be quite “obvious” to someone “in the know”.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when I can help you get UNstuck pretty easily 🙂

You can personally take advantage of my 20+ years of online experience, and get a proper answer to any of those nagging questions you’ve got!

Work With Me (WWM)!
And Get A WWM Support Voucher!

Our WWM (Work With Me) Support Vouchers provide answers to your specific questions! Each Voucher allows for five minutes of our time (see full details at bottom)

Purchase your WWM Support Time Here

Vouchers are priced @ $5/each (that’s 5 mins/voucher).

# Vouchers: 


No thanks. I don’t need vouchers right now. What else have you got?


Please Note: This service does NOT relate to any technical issues you might have using this website. Rather, only to finding answers on issues which are not directly discussed on the YBI site!

Each Support Voucher allows for five minutes of our time.

A “simple” question should take around five minutes to research and answer. Harder and/or multi-layer questions can obviously take longer.

If we need to research the answer, we’ll estimate in advance how many vouchers might be needed.

There is no charge for this service, if:

  • we can’t answer the question asked, or
  • you do not agree to accept our estimate for longer answers.

However, there WILL be a charge IF the answer is already published on this site, and we direct you to it. So please use the search form first 🙂

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