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When we first looked at the different online revenue models, I mentioned there are at least 1.8 BILLION WEBSITES on the public Internet at the moment!

That’s an awful LOT of websites!!!

Can you imagine how difficult it must be for any ONE of those websites to actually be FOUND by a random search? Especially if they are a relatively “new” site? It certainly makes me laugh every time I get one of those spam emails “promising” to put me at the top of any Google search LOL Seriously, just who ARE they kidding?

There is just SO-O-O much NOISE out there on the Internet, and it seems the only “answer” a lot of people have to get found, is to…

But right now, business planning is the next thing we are going to look very closely at!

And yep… Look at that… I can see it now. Lots of eyeballs rolling back into their sockets!!! It seems that any mention of business “planning” can cause that reaction LOL And I don’t really blame you, especially when you look at the “traditional” way of building one.

So that’s why I am going to show you a better, more “modern” approach that you can use, in the Business Planning module.

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