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Hopefully, you’ve identified a list of several areas that you could possibly do something with online. Trouble is, the items in that list might be pretty diverse!

In my case, this list of “My Eleven Most Recent Bright Ideas” included such varied things as…

  1. Promoting Local Business Online
  2. Commonwealth Games 2018
  3. Model Trains
  4. Travelling around Australia by Caravan/Motorhome
  5. Free Camping
  6. Off-grid Living
  7. Tiny House Living
  8. Being a Digital Nomad
  9. Heart Bypass Surgery and Recovery
  10. Treating Type Two Diabetes
  11. Online Training

As you can see… having an “idea” isn’t really that hard 🙂 They can just come to you almost at any time, and I seem to have a gazillion of them at times!!!

But how do you CHOOSE which one to follow up with?

Ahhh… well there’s a problem that needs solving! And the simple answer, as usual, often lies in another question…

But before you do that…

Stick with me a little more while I tell you even MORE about ME!!! 🙂

So this whole “Your Brilliant Idea” idea…

It’s a pretty HUGE one! And it has turned into quite a marathon effort to put all the material for the course together! The lessons, scripts, audio, video, downloads, bonuses, etc., etc.

But basically, I wanted to take you from the START — to the FINISH — and NOT miss any of the important, 200 odd, OTHER basic steps in that entire online journey.

My “problem” is that I am NOT comfortable with just doing a “smaller” niched down course on ONE or TWO of those “basic” steps… because it MAKES THE ASSUMPTION that you already HAVE the background knowledge needed in order to implement it properly!

Sure, there is a place for more “advanced” courses you can take, but only AFTER you have mastered the basics! I just wish it was like uni, and you had to pass a pre-requisite course BEFORE you wasted – sorry, spent money – on a single “advanced” course that made little sense to you at the time.

Anyway, the topic of this lesson – “narrow your focus” – is advice you really SHOULD try to follow in most cases! But at times you may NOT be able to do that, or may not WANT to do that! And there’s nothing wrong with that. It just means a much BIGGER job! If you’ve got the energy, the team, the resources and the time to do that? Then go for it by all means 🙂

OK. It’s time to work out how you can make money from this niche, and then do some actual market research and find out WHO is your online competition?

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