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One thing is for sure… if you’re stuck for an idea about what you can do online, then by the time you’ve finished this module, you should have a “flood” of ideas, and more possibilities than you can poke a stick at!

So is that good? Or bad?

Well, it all depends on how well you do your research!

Or whether you even do ANY research at all in the first place… which, crazy as it sounds, is a quite common problem.

You could slave away for months over developing your “brilliant idea” and make it the “perfect” product… do everything you possibly can… get it launched… and then find out that there’s no-one willing to spend money in that market!

You might, sadly, find out that your “market” is a million or so “freebie-seekers” who don’t spend a cent!

So it’s vital to do your “due-diligence” first!

That is – do your research BEFORE investing too much time and energy on your “brilliant” idea.

Discover whether it has the potential to shine brightly for some time, or simply create a blinding flash and then die like a warning flare in the night sky.

Remember, the KEY ingredient here is:

  • to try to find a HUNGRY market
  • with an URGENT PROBLEM
  • that needs to BUY your solution to that problem NOW!

I’d also argue that – at least in your “early” stages online – that you should look to get into something you are fairly “passionate” about. Because that passion will show through in what you do, in how you write, in how you interact with your audience, and it will support and encourage you if/when things get tough!

The “other” problem with a flood of ideas… And that is the sheer “overwhelming” problem of having TOO MANY ideas!

If you find yourself saying “I should do a website on this…” or “Someone should write about that…” you should, using my best Elmer Fudd voice, “be vewy, vewy careful!”

Because it won’t be long before you find yourself losing focus and distracted! Wondering what you should be working on… and not knowing where to start.

Or if you have already started on something… losing interest in that and “playing” with your new idea instead of taking it through to completion!

The Answer?

Well don’t get me wrong… ideas are good! Without them, you’re probably history!

And they can just seem to “flow” and come to you at all sorts of odd times and places.

So have a little pocket notepad and pen with you and get into the habit of simply “jotting down” the thought (for later reference) and get it out of your head (for now).

You’ll find that action will clear your head and let you get back to whatever it was you are supposed to be doing!!! The alternative is you continuing to work on developing the idea further in your mind, distracting you from the task at hand – which, by the way, could simply be “sleeping” 🙂

You should come back to your notepad later (and regularly) and flip through your collection of random brilliant ideas, but only at a time when you can focus on developing new stuff!

Now ask yourself whether any of those ideas are really brilliant and worth pursuing?

Perhaps it should be kept on a backburner for later when you have more time?

Or – and it’s no great loss really – maybe now you can’t even make sense of what you wrote then!

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