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Business owners often view their customers as one generic group. But we know that in reality, they aren’t all the same. Some spend more than others, some are less hassle than others, and some are more fun to work with!

To attract customers, you have to spend valuable time, money and effort on marketing to get them! It makes complete sense to focus on not just getting “any” customer, but to focus on getting more of your “ideal” customer.

Now, you may be thinking, “I can’t afford to be that choosy about who my customers are”. Really? Well if you don’t want to stand out above the rest of your competition when people carry out an online search… then keep thinking that way 🙂

But if you want to easily get their attention? If you want to engage and connect with them at a level where they will “know, like and trust you” just like an old friend. If you want them to buy from you without too much mucking around…

Then you know it HAS to be all about your ideal customer and focus your efforts on them!!!

Everything you do should be about helping your potential customers get the result they are looking for.

Because the process of building a connection and engagement with your audience is based on you being able to demonstrate that you understand their needs, challenges and frustrations better than anyone else. And that your products or services, will give them the result or outcome they’re looking for.

Basically, ALL of your communications and dialogue, should all be about your customers! And NOT you.

A good quick test to see the effect of doing this is to take a look at someone’s website copy or promotional material. How many times do they use the word “We”? I’ve seen this constantly over the years with the businesses who submit listings to my online directories… It’s all about them… “We this”, “We that”! Very sad! If you are using the word “we’ over and over again in your copy, then you are TOO focused on yourself and your business, rather than your customers. It’s an easy fix though… just think of how you can say the same things, but from THEIR perspective.

I’ve also mentioned this before in the “Narrow Your Focus” lesson… but it’s a good time to remind you of this…

If you Specialise, you WIN!

You need to niche your business, or create a number of niches which you serve, so that you present yourself as a specialist to that particular market and audience, and not as the generalist.

As consumers and customers ourselves, we all know that we have many choices in the products or services we buy, and who we buy them from. But we also know that if something is really important to us, then we want to make that purchase from a specialist, rather than a generalist. Because we believe a specialist understands our specific needs and are also experts in their area, we also believe we’ll get the best product or service.

Become a specialist, and you’re basically redrawing the competitive landscape – separating yourself from the crowd. And by being a specialist, you’re less prone to direct competitor pricing pressures.

So by marketing your products or services as those of a specialist, you build a more immediate connection with your ideal audience.

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