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The temptation for business owners and marketers is to think of their target audience in terms of a certain demographic group, based simply on an age range, gender and location.

Whilst this data might roughly tell you who they are, to create a more effective customer avatar, you need to go much further, and really try to understand what interests and motivates your audience to engage with you, and why they will buy from you.

To do this, there are another three dimensions you should ALSO use to create your ideal customer profile:

Your Ideal Customer Avatar

You should have your ideal customer avatar in mind EVERY time you:

  • Create a blog post, video, podcast, lead magnet, etc
  • Create new copy for email marketing, ads, sales letters, etc
  • Develop new products or services.

Take the effort to focus on your customer and understand things from their perspective. What does your customer need to know? What might they struggle with? What objections could they have about a product/service or message?

Do this, and you’ll find you have a much greater chance of converting them into one of your “ideal” customers!

When you meet the needs of your customer, you’ll also have a very positive impact on your bottom line!

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