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Welcome back to the second module of “Your Brilliant Idea”.

I’m Stephen “Mr Why” Spry, and in this module, we’re going to dig into your brilliant idea a LOT more and decide if it has the legs to actually get some traction online.

And if you HAVEN’T yet got a brilliant idea to take online – maybe only a couple of mediocre ones LOL – then you’re going to have a look at some things that should get your brain ticking over enough to get some ideas brewing…

Then, once you’ve worked out what the “idea” is… in a little bit more detail… you then need to do a LITTLE bit of research to decide if in fact, there IS a market for this idea.

Now don’t get all hung up the word “research”…
It really is quite simple and doesn’t need to be too time-consuming at this stage.

It just makes sense that you perform your “due diligence” and make sure of a few things, before you commit too much – either emotionally, financially or even chronologically LOL – to going down one particular path.

And don’t worry if you work out that your idea is a fizzer!

THAT is a brilliant result as it saves a lot of time, and enables you to quickly move on to something else that is possibly more productive.

So IF there is a market for your idea – both competition AND consumers – then you need to do a bit more “real” work and decide what the hell you have to do, to make your effort pay off!

But the REALLY important thing is to decide what YOU can do to STAND OUT from the crowd in that marketplace!

With so much noise online, it’s pretty pointless reinventing another “me too” product, which is the same as everyone else!

You finish this module off by looking at the actual resources and tools you might need to implement your idea.

Ready? Let’s go…

Doing Your Due Diligence

• 2.1 Doing the Research – 5 mins

Ideas? I’ve Got A Gazillion of Them!

• 2.2 What’s The Big Idea? – 10 mins

• 2.3 Narrow Your Focus – 15 mins

Your Marketplace

• 2.4 Where’s Your Competition? – 15 mins

• 2.5 Who Are Your Customers? – 11 mins

• 2.6 Creating Your Customer Avatar – 12 mins

• 2.7 Rising Above the Noise – 5 mins




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