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Our privacy policy is pretty simple… as it should be!

Simply put, we do NOT share or sell ANY information WE collect about you to any other parties. Your information is used by us ONLY for the purposes specified when you sign up for any of our services.

Contact Form

Whenever you use our contact form… the message you send has to include your name and email address so we can use it ONLY to respond to your enquiry. That information is deleted once your question has been answered. IT is never used to send any further emails to you without your consent.

For everything else…

Double Opt-in Process

We explicitly get your consent to store and use your information in the manner specified, by using a double opt-in process, where you must click an email link to give your consent, before we can provide you with the services requested.

Member Section

Basically, the ONLY specific information we collect about you – but only AFTER you register with our site – is your username,  name and email address, and any other details you choose to include on your User Profile page. If you do NOT want us to have that information, then you should NOT register for our service. That information is used to (obviously) provide you with access to our service and also to provide support when you request it. To check what information we have, click the “Your Profile” link once logged in. To remove your information completely, you need to ask via our support desk.

Email Newsletter

Registered members may also provide their name and email to receive our customer newsletter. These details are not stored on our server. They are stored with our email service provider and used to deliver our newsletter. To check what information is held there, or to unsubscribe from that, please follow the link at the bottom of those emails.

Log Files

Please note that our website DOES collect and maintain log files, but these do not contain any personal identifying information about you!


This website also uses cookies to determine what specific information to show to visitors – ie guests or members. If you turn your cookies off, you cannot access the member information available here.

Social Media

We operate on several social media platforms. Their privacy policy operates in such cases. Please note that we do NOT make direct contact with you using your details from those platforms, UNLESS we explicitly get your consent to do so!

Third Parties

Other THIRD PARTIES, such as Google and/or Facebook, may also collect information about you because we use their services. Precisely WHAT information they collect is a mystery to us, but we are pretty sure they probably know more about everyone than you realise!


FREE PREVIEW – Yes, you can register for our online courses for FREE to preview the main welcome lessons in each section. There is NO obligation on you to continue any further if you do not wish to. However, you ARE required to register your email to gain access, and we DO remove inactive people every three months.

Our paid courses include LIFETIME ACCESS for all fully paid up members.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS on SINGLE PAYMENT or MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION COURSES – Sorry. NO refunds are available on these as you were able to preview and assess the value of the content prior to purchase.

If you wish to CANCEL YOUR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, please do so BEFORE your next month renewal is due. All subscriptions are managed by PayPal, and you can easily cancel from within your own PP Account, or contact our support desk WITH YOUR YBI USERNAME.

HOSTING PLANS or CUSTOM SUPPORT REQUESTS – These optional extras are billed monthly and/or in advance. Again, any cancellations MUST be requested via our support desk BEFORE your renewal falls due 🙂

EMAIL LIST – We try to regularly email a newsletter to our YBI subscribers at least once a week. To cancel your subscription to our newsletter email list, it’s simple enough to click the LINK AT THE BOTTOM of that email.


Logged in students should use our online Support Desk in the first place, to address any issues you might have.

Other people should use our Contact Form 🙂

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