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This lesson presents MY INTERPRETATIONS of the BACK END building blocks used in the Business Model Canvas (BMC), and provides specific discussion on how these relate to ONLINE BUSINESSES.

To get the original BMC information direct from Strategyzer, visit these links:

Back End Building Blocks of the Business Model Canvas

These building blocks are the ones that are hidden from your target audience – ie at the “back-end” of your business model. Or using the “theatre” model, it’s what goes on backstage. In this lesson, we go through each of them in more detail.


Here endeth our discussion of the nine building blocks you have control over when developing your own unique business model using the BMC 🙂

It’s also important to be aware of some of the things that you do NOT have much control over as well! These are the External Building Blocks, which you need to be prepared to respond to quickly when/if things change.

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