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What two words can often bring the strongest person in the room to their knees?

Well, that could easily be “business planning”!

To many, that process has such a bad reputation, probably due to the time, expense and amount of “work” that seems to accompany it, when trying to prepare all the elements of that document, especially when they see sample documents that run into 20, 30 or even more pages!!!

So a lot of “small business” people try to shortcut the process… or even ignore it completely… and that can only result in one outcome – not knowing where their business is going!

Well, fear not young Padawan! 🙂

I’ve got an approach to show you here which makes the preparation of that essential document so-o-o much easier!

First up, we’ll have a look at a great resource called the “Business Model Canvas“, which can be used to quickly decide on the vital/important aspects in the peculiar hybrid business model/s that YOU are trying to develop.

And once you’ve got that sorted and tested, then it’s simply a matter of reorganising that data into the right format, using the various Business Planning worksheets available from a great Australian resource I discovered last year!

So get clicking on that Lessons 3 TAB to get started!

Business Model Canvas

• 3.1 Lean Startup Business Models – 13 mins
Introducing the brilliant Business Model Canvas, a tool to create your own unique business model!

• 3.21 Front End Building Blocks – Part 1 – 11 mins

• 3.22 Front End Building Blocks – Part 2 – 15 mins

• 3.3 Back End Building Blocks – 10 mins

• 3.4 External Building Blocks – 14 mins

• 3.5 Value Proposition Canvas – 15 mins

• 3.6 Putting it all Together – 5 mins

Business Planning

• 3.7 Traditional Approach – 5 mins



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