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In this lesson, we start looking very closely at YOU, and what YOU can bring to the table here…

And whether you’ve got what it takes to have a go at this online stuff! 🙂

So first up, write down your answers to the following questions… And we’ll start with an easy (?) one –

What do you WANT?

Well, maybe it was easy when you were a kid to answer that… but the older you get, the harder that question seems to become 🙂 Nevertheless, it is important that you try to have an understanding of WHAT you want.

(I’m assuming for the rest of this discussion that your “what” has something to do with setting up an online business, but I’d like you to put your own detailed wording to it)

Now if we were to follow the “standard” approach, the next question would be…

HOW are you going to get it?

And to think about that, you need to answer some nitty-gritty questions…

If you’d like to pursue this whole “why” concept even further, go check out the

I love their idea of also understanding the personal whys of your partner, spouse etc., to make sure they are a good fit for you! 🙂

Next Up… I want you to play with an online test, and find out what sort of “person” you are.

We’ll also discuss where you might need to make some changes and/or improvements on that score in order to succeed!

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