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No doubt you’ve all seen Sam floating around on the Internet. This poor stick figure has been put into all sorts of situations he shouldn’t be in… with the catchphrase – “Don’t Be Like Sam!”

Well, MY Sam is cranky because this whole Internet “dream” thing isn’t working out.

He honestly believed:

  • He would get RICH quickly (overnight maybe),
  • And achieve that WITHOUT DOING much at all,
  • And everything would happen “magically” on AUTOPILOT while he’s off enjoying himself!!!

I’m so sorry Sam. If you seriously think that the answer to ANY of these questions is “yes”…

Then the simple answer for you is…

If you are still with me after that “lesson” for all the “Sam’s” in the world…

Welcome to my teaching “style”, which will resonate well with some people and motivate them to kick some ass and get moving on down the road to achieving what they want! Yay!

But I’ll tell you right now, many others will hate it – probably because I DO make them think, and maybe even because I am having too much “fun” at times, or sticking it to the lazy buggers who expect to get everything handed to them on a silver platter!

So, if that’s you, then you know where the door is… And if you like, go have a moan on Facebook or wherever about it if I am not up to your “standards”. As they say, bad publicity is still better than none. Funnily enough, I DO know that a large number of people get immense benefit from this material!

And if you’re offended? Then maybe you’re in the wrong place and we’re both wasting our time! If so – see you later. It’s been great that you did give up some of your time to hear me out. I do appreciate that.

For everyone else who is still hanging around… Let’s get started on the next lesson and discover…
How Do People Make Money Online?

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