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Back when I was teaching as a Careers Adviser, I would ask the 15yo kids in my class to play a game which was designed to improve their awareness of available careers. Basically, because most of them really did NOT have any idea of what was available.

This game involved going around the room, one student at a time, and asking them to NAME A JOB that started with the letter A… and then B for the next student, and C… etc.

Now while the kid who got “X” often wasn’t pleased… it usually ended up being a ball of fun and giggles, as a 3-second buzzer signalled the time to move on when a student couldn’t collect their thoughts in time.

The whole point of the game was to get them thinking about different jobs – in this case, a mere 26! And often, it was even difficult to get that many out of the whole class!

So, we’d then take a little “virtual” walk around the local shopping centre in our minds, and “map” out all the different types of shops that are there, and try to maybe work out who is involved in the supply chain…

And then, we’d head off to the local industrial areas, and name some of the businesses that they knew about there. And then, go up to the local hospital and cruise around the wards…

By the end of this exercise, we’d probably have a list of jobs close to 100, or more, that the kids were hopefully now a little more “aware” of!

And the whole point was… there are 10’s of thousands of different types of careers possible, but most people simply do NOT have a clue about what is available.

And if you don’t know, or aren’t aware of something…

How can you possibly KNOW whether you DO or DON’T want to do it?
So… we’re going to use the same tactic here, to just see what you may already be “aware” of!

I want YOU to work through the alphabet… naming websites you’ve been to, which start with that letter. I’ll kick off with the easy one… A for Amazon LOL… Your turn… 🙂

Maybe you can sneak a peek at your browser history if you must, but just get your brain into focus here. Just don’t get sidetracked – make sure you come back here – don’t forget me now!!!

And believe me… it’s NOT as easy as it sounds!

I’ll go put the kettle on and make a coffee while I wait…

The choice of methods you can use to monetize your offer is where the whole “process” can begin to become extremely complicated because there’s a bewildering array of different “things” you could do online.

And you can easily try to include several revenue models concurrently into one specific plan so you can have the “multiple streams of income” that all those “guru’s” say you just “must” have!

However, more trouble brews when you become uncertain about exactly what your MAIN revenue model is. Your effort and focus moves from serving and building on one method, to jumping around and trying out other “things” to see if they work better.

So, what are the main types of websites you can use to generate money for your online business?

We’ll have a look at that in the next lesson…

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