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So… How DO you make money online?

I’m going to REALLY simplify things here – a LOT. And believe it or not, there’s ONLY ONE WAY people make money online!

You SELL stuff!

Simple as that!

But if you aren’t a “seller” – and I know a LOT of people who honestly believe that they aren’t… then what do you do? Well, you DO want to make money, don’t you? People aren’t going to just “give” it to you!

WHATEVER it is you DO online… you are going to have to “SELL” something to your potential customers… or you’ll starve!

So if the thought of “selling” something makes you uncomfortable, then you’ll have to get over the whole “selling” thing to build a different life for yourself and your family! Maybe your vision of “selling” is the in-your-face, pushy car yard type? Well, selling is not really like that, so don’t fret about it anymore, please…

Or else just forget this whole idea! Stay where your boss will keep paying you for turning up at the coal face every day, doing something you don’t really like 🙂

OK. Maybe I did oversimplify that a bit too much, because there are more ways you make money online! Yep – really!!!

You can…

There’s NO point in waiting a few more months (or even years) to get started… or wait for the “time” to be “right”! Or wait until you get some “sales” training… or wait until… NO! Don’t wait! These are just excuses because you’re a little bit scared of the unknown!

Because . the . time . is . right . now! 🙂

And it will never be any “righter”!!!

Remember, it takes TIME to get established… so make a start at getting established NOW. And it takes TIME to grow and expand on something once it is working. And it takes time to recover from things when they don’t work! And if you are scared of failing? So what? Not every idea you will have will work. Simple as that! Remember Edison? He invented the light bulb AFTER he failed one thousand times!!!

Or don’t!

It’s your choice!

Going into business online is not for everyone, but I am assuming that because you are here, that you are slightly interested in the topic! LOL

The BIGGEST advantage of setting up online, however, is that it costs but a small fraction of what a “real-world” business does to set up!

So any “financial risk” due to failure is so-o-o much lower! And THAT is an incentive in itself 🙂

So, what are some other Advantages of an Online Business?

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