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OK… now you are familiar with the main types of transactions used online.. Try to determine which ones are used as we work through this (small) list of different website types below. We’ll have a very quick look at them all to see what it is that they do, and how they make money online.

  • Promoting your existing offline services
  • Build communities/tribes
  • Set up membership sites
  • Generating leads for payment / Lead generation
  • Develop loyalty/reward systems
  • Provide comparison shopping services
  • Set up a catalog based ecommerce sites to sell physical / digital products/inventory
  • Sell physical or digital goods by auction
  • Promote other people’s products and/or online or offline services as an affiliate
  • Selling your personal online skills
  • Freelance work through “gig” sites
  • Selling online services
  • Software / App development
  • Providing SEO services
  • Providing SEM services
  • Social Media management/marketing
  • Developing content rich sites
  • Selling online advertising
  • Provide online brokerage services
  • Building classified ad sites
  • Setting up a virtual marketplace (mall)
  • Building directory websites
  • Domain name flipping
  • Buying and selling web sites
  • Setting up “turnkey” websites
  • Coaching / Speaking gigs
  • Write sales copy for websites
  • Publish on Amazon
  • Blogging / Writing for money
  • Provide information products or write/create and sell/resell digital products with various “rights”
  • Developing “freemium” content
  • Develop e-courses, education materials, tutorials
  • Create audio and video for clients
  • Produce podcasts / informercials
  • Take / Sell photographs
  • Promote MLM products and opportunities

No doubt there are many more ways you can make money online… this “list” is by no means exhaustive! And to be honest, different methods keep emerging all the time. That list is purely to help stimulate our discussion…


Your task is to decide which models you might be able to implement that are appropriate to the specific audience of your idea… and then STICK WITH THEM!

It’s far too easy to lose focus if you continue to chase the latest and greatest of the “get rich quick ideas”, or keep changing from one model to another to see what “works”.

So Ask Yourself…

  1. Which of these models most interests you?
  2. Which models might best suit your “personal style”?
  3. Which models can you become an “expert” in?
  4. How can you “leverage” yourself (your skills) to make the most money?

Yeah… Sorry! Even more questions that need answers!!!J

It’s funny but when people look at developing an offline business, they firstly look for a need that is lacking in their community, and then try to fill it.

But when they go online? Instead, they look at how they can make a LOT of money, and forget about the basics of meeting that missing need (which is probably where the money is???)

So DON’T JUST ASK which technique will earn you the most money!

Ninety-nine point nine, nine, nine percent of the time, it’s going to be the wrong reason to pick a revenue model! Besides… there are no guarantees that one model will earn more than another. IMHO, money and success should eventually come with something you are passionate about doing, whether you’re online or off!

By themselves, “models” do not offer magical solutions to making money.

A more important ingredient for success is…

How You RUN Your Business!

So which one suits you/your style/your idea best? If you’re not sure yet, that’s fine. There’s still time as there’s still a lot more planning to do 🙂

Again, I’ve mentioned more “ingredients” for success… so let’s take a diversion and see what those nasty “failure” ingredients look like, so we can avoid them completely, or at least minimise their effects!

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