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No doubt at some stage you’ve probably done a “personality test” – and no, I don’t mean any of those published in a women’s magazine LOL

I think I did my first ever such test when I was 14 when I had a visit with the Vocational Guidance Counsellor at High School. They asked me a range of weird questions and then spat out some BS about what type of career might suit me… And, surprise, surprise, since I said at the time I wanted to be an Architect, it was on the “list”.

Well, fast forward into the late 20th Century, and similar (but lots more fun) tests are what I used in my job as a Careers Adviser, to get teenagers thinking about what jobs might suit them. And even more recently, such “personality” tests have become extremely common in the modern day recruiting process.

So they can certainly serve a useful purpose… but only IF you know what the heck you are looking for! But then, so can Star-sign Charts, if that’s what you believe in! And FYI, I am such a true Cancerian… seriously! 🙂

Meanwhile… back to us… The MBTI® (or Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator®) is the basis of most of the various “tests” available. And about the ONLY one of those I have personally had any success in trying to understand, is the variation provided (for free) by

The approach they use is quite interesting if you want to dig into it further.

So what I would LOVE you to do right now, is head on over to:
And take the FREE test! It’ll only take 10 minutes or so… Check out the results they present for you (you should even get them emailed to you for future reference if you like).

And then, come back here so we can discuss what these results could mean…

To Sum Up…

This lesson recommends you look VERY closely at your MBTI personality traits to see:

  1. What GOOD THINGS are in there… and
  2. What things might be BARRIERS?

And relate that to your ability to achieve success online, or in life generally 🙂

Suggestion: also look at the MBTI test results of the PEOPLE you work with. Ensure they complement your “style” or there might be trouble!!!

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