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Yep – Seriously!

“You can take the man out of teaching,
but you can’t take the teacher out of the man!”

Please, BEFORE you move on to the next module,
I’d really love you to take 45 minutes off (or more), and
go watch Seth Godin on YouTube, where he explains

WHY the “riskiest” thing you can do is play it safe!

There are so-o-o many useful takeaways in that video!!!

I just love it!

And I don’t blame you if you take a bit more time and go further down the Seth Godin “rabbit hole”, as the things he says I find to be very inspiring 🙂

For example, this quote from “All Marketers are Liars” – 2013:
“(success) usually has a lot to do with it being in the right place at the right time with the right story. I think you just have to take a deep breath and spend an hour to say, what’s our story? Or should we cancel this now before it’s too late?”

Finally, you could finish off this Godin binge, by checking out this video:
“Your Job is to Make Art: Why We Need Generosity More Than Ever” – 2017

If you are having any difficulty getting useful takeaways from any of these videos… I think you just might be in the wrong place… Sorry.


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