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Now let’s look at some of the DISadvantages of being in business online…

  1. The buck stops with YOU!
  2. The technology can be confusing/overwhelming
  3. The opportunities seem unlimited!
  4. Someone ELSE is doing it!
  5. It takes TIME to get going!
  6. It requires constant EFFORT!
  7. The ISOLATION leads to negative emotions.
  8. Work/Life Balance!
  9. You still have OFFline obligations to your business.
  10. See #1

Discussion Points

To Sum Up…

These past few lessons demonstrated that:

  1. you make money online by SELLING stuff (products, services or ideas – digital or real)
  2. it can be YOUR stuff, or
  3. it can be OTHER people’s stuff
  4. RIGHT NOW is the best time to start doing it if it’s what you want to do,
  5. we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of working online, so
  6. you can take active measures to use them effectively, or avoid them as much as possible!

Next Up…

In the next lesson, we’ll outline some of the possible Revenue Models you can implement online…

So you can start to get a much better “feel” of what type of online business might best suit your “style”.

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