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Welcome to the first Module of “Your Brilliant Idea”!

I’m Stephen “Mr Why” Spry, and in this section of the course, I want to introduce to you the whole concept of:

How people can, and do, make money online.

And answer the question…

Is it a Career Path that suits you?

Over the next few lessons, we look at:

  1. The MAIN WAYS people can make money online
  2. The GOOD and BAD things about running an online business,
  3. A goodly selection of online REVENUE MODELS.
  4. Some of the main reasons people FAIL online.
  5. Then, we try to work out the “BIG WHY?” of why YOU want to do this in the first place – and this is VERY important stuff!!!

And one thing is for certain – you will certainly get sick of Mr Why asking you questions by the time this is all over!


Because I am going to make you THINK! LOL

And that’s something MOST people really don’t like doing, especially when it is about THEMSELVES 🙂

But it is essential if you are to make the decisions that are right for you… and for that, I am sorry (not really, but…)!

So let’s get cracking!

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Meet Sam

To start, I want to address one of my biggest bugbears about the whole “make money online” marketplace…

• 1.1 Do You Know Anyone like Sam? – 10 mins

“How To Make Money Online”

1• 1.2  How Do People Make Money Online – 10 mins

• 1.3 The Advantages of Online Business – 10 mins

• 1.4 The DISadvantages of Online Business – 10 mins

• 1.5 Revenue Models #1Revenue Models #2 – 60 mins

• 1.6 Why People Fail – 10 mins

• 1.7 Finding Your Why – 30 mins

• 1.8 What “Type” Are You? – 30 mins

• 1.9 Homework! – 100 mins – Yes, Seriously!


Also… Here’s a little DIVERSION

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