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Hey, thanks for checking us out, and welcome aboard!

While I do try to be entertaining most of the time, sometimes I gotta get serious… or people might begin to doubt my credibility LOL

And this is probably one of those times, so here are some FAQ’s you might want to know about…

“Your Brilliant Idea” (YBI)  is online training which teaches the main steps involved in how to develop an “idea” from scratch, put it online, offer it for sale, and deliver the final product to customers.

Essentially, YBI is the “perfect” introduction for people with little previous experience in running an online business. It shows them how much better life can be when you build your future online!

It also demonstrates how you can set up a proper online business WITHOUT spending a fortune on a whole heap of “extra” things you really do NOT need!

I expect students to set up an online business with their own website and autoresponder software installed to initially cater for up to 2,000 subscribers.

Students can be confident that the transparent and ethical online business they set up addresses all the major issues I have identified as a veteran web designer, and gives them the best possible chance of it succeeding.

Hopefully, through careful planning and research, it will stand out above all the other “noise” in the marketplace! Wouldn’t THAT be nice 🙂

YBI can be useful for people of ALL ages, from school leavers to retirees – anyone who wants to get started with building their future online!

Anyone, male, female or otherwise, of any age (15+) can have a good go it this!!!

So whether you are:
– already in a job,
– currently unemployed,
– looking for a new side-gig,
– already in a small business,
– approaching, or in retirement, or
– looking at possible alternate career paths after school or college,

YBI provides you with the essential knowledge you need to get started in an online career and run your own ethical online small business.

It is also certainly useful to those already engaged in a small business. If you want to expand your understanding and knowledge of how the “online” component of your business works, and how it could be improved in light of ever-increasing competition online.

If you are want to take charge of your own destiny, and build a future  away from the old 9-5 “rat race”, then YBI can help you with that! Discover the freedom that comes from being your own boss. Experience the feeling that comes from being creative and productive!

I’ve been a full-time, independant contractor online since 1995, and it’s been a great “career” option for me! Why don’t you see how it can work for you too 🙂

It should be understood that you DO need a modern computer AND a “reasonable” and reliable Internet connection. Der! LOL

It would certainly help improve your success rate IF you were a little on the “creative” side, able to THINK freely, and perhaps readily come up with new ideas and different ways of doing things.

I am also assuming that you are reasonably proficient in reading and writing in ENGLISH. The course is taught in English, and any assignments are expected to be completed in that language. That said, there is NO reason why you cannot set up your business in another language… except that support may not be readily available from our team.

While you are setting up a website as part of this course, no real “technical” experience is needed to do that. If you can use Facebook and Instagram etc, you should be able to do the basics of that too with our step-by-step instructions! And if not… then I’m available to help out personally!

You also require a PayPal account, which needs to be upgraded to the (free) Business level in order to receive payments online. Please note that residents of SOME countries are NOT allowed to use PayPal.

Obviously, it is NOT for those people who think success comes overnight, at ZERO cost, with no work! Sorry – things just don’t work that way! If you are not prepared to INVEST your time and money in setting things up, please go away. Bye!

Similarly, we ONLY teach an ETHICAL approach here. If you want to set something up that is shady or dodgy… please do it somewhere else! We really don’t want those sort of “neighbours” living on our web server!

Those of you with extensive experience online already? Well, it may not be for you either. But, I reckon YBI can still provide you with a few useful tips, and certainly a different perspective which could help cope with a rapidly changing Internet 🙂

There is certainly a lot of training that will be useful for you, however, answers relating to ADVANCED e-commerce systems etc are not available here. Those are NOT part of this type of foundational training, so we would prefer not to offer any specific advice on that.

If you want to develop a full-blown e-commerce store with thousands of products, this training will NOT suit you! My training concentrates more on the more “elementary” methods of earning money online, including consulting, education and smaller e-commerce operations etc.

If in doubt, please check out our FREE PREVIEW, and then decide for yourself.

There are several levels of entry, and these are ALL shown below, and also on the UPGRADES page. The amounts shown are INTRODUCTORY prices and WILL increase for new students as more modules are added!

FREE – The Preview Level

You enroll in YBI for zip/nada/zilch/nothing, so you are able to view selected content from all the lessons in each module. Your free membership expires after 14 days.

Take us for a “test-drive” and get a good feel for the entire course. That should help you decide whether it suits your needs and expectations, so hopefully, I can twist your arm to take up one of these paid options below.

KISS – Keep it Simple Stephen @ $125

At this level, KISS students have LIFETIME access to all the current lessons, and any FUTURE lessons, presented mainly via VIDEO. You can work through them at your own pace.

There is a small(ish) charge of only $125 now for LIFETIME access to this “video only” level, which can be paid as a lump sum, or by subscription (3 x $42/mth).

WORKS – Get the LOT for just $249

At this level, as well as LIFETIME access to all the current, and FUTURE, YBI video lessons, WORKS students ALSO get access to a range of additional learning materials, including PDF transcripts and audios of each lesson to download, PDF classwork and homework assignments, checklists, along with bonus lessons including selected 3rd party training videos and downloads.

There is a (slightly biggerer) charge of $249 now for LIFETIME access to this level (yeah OK, it’s double the price, but you do get so much more) which can be also paid as a lump sum, or by subscription (6 x $42/mth).

While basic technical/customer support is offered via our Support Desk, students are generally expected to research their own answers to questions they may have in relation to any issues that are not covered by the lessons!

Students should also comment on lessons and leave relevant questions there so we can all help to build an FAQ on each topic.

However, we don’t expect you to have to “go it alone” if you get stuck! If specific “personal” help is required on any issues, it is available as an optional extra with these services…

WORK WITH ME (WWM) – You can get really cheep PAYG (pay as you go) hands-on ADVICE on their specific problems. You decide how much extra help you might like, and when! Start with a support ticket, and we’ll go from there…

DONE FOR ME (DFM) – You can get specific tasks DONE by professional support personnel! Each request is assessed and quoted individually. If you ever get stuck on something because you think you haven’t got the skills needed… let us know and we can try to source paid professional help to DO it for you!  Start with a support ticket, and we’ll go from there…

KICK MY BUTT (KMB) – KMB students have regular access to an “accountability coach” who WILL kick their butt if needed to keep them on track! Note – that’s kicking YOUR butt… not MY butt… oh never mind 🙂  Please lodge a support ticket, if you’d like to discuss this further.

If any students want further personalised/custom assistance as outlined in WWMKMB and DFM above, these are available as OPTIONAL EXTRAS.

For ALL students, any hosting and associated services are not included and do need to be purchased separately. I can assist you in choosing the most approriate services for your needs. Just ask 🙂

NORMALLY, apart from a domain name, web hosting and auto-responder services, there are usually no additional expenses in setting up a basic website.

HOWEVER, if you CHOOSE to use specific software that provides additional functionality, or want people to do work for you, etc., such things obviously come at an additional cost 🙂

If you want to get deeply involved in certain content areas – for example, VIDEO – there may also be additional expenses in purchasing appropriate hardware and software to do that properly (or you can go down the DFM path…)

Well no, not really… 

This is why I offer the free preview so you KNOW what you can get! That way you can make a pretty sound decision on whether the course can provide value for you!

Remember, you DO have lifetime access to ALL the current, and future, materials/lessons etc that are on YBI, so it’s only going to get betterer every day! Maybe you might not be quite “ready” now. But in 12 months time? Your investment WILL be a lot higher then.

However, IF you do sign up for ANY of our plans, and THEN somehow later decide it is… amazingly… no longer “suitable” for you… Well, you can get a refund during the first 30 days only. And I’ll cry a lot to see you go! But after that, sorry but definitely “NO REFUNDS”!  Really, how many chances do people who do that need anyway? 😉

For ANY subscription-paying students after that 30-day period is up, there is NO refund available for the “current” month. So if you want to cancel, please do it BEFORE your NEXT renewal falls due. Any FUTURE payments will (obviously) be cancelled. And while you can fix all of that up @ PayPal yourself… we would still like to know about it LOL

Please remember that, for ANY OTHER purchases you may have made through third parties, it is YOUR responsibility to cancel and/or renew those because we cannot hold your hand to remind you specifically about them!

We sure do. You can access the YBI Affiliate Area from after logging in, and earn between 25% and 50% on any referrals you make.

And that’s it!

Well, that’s all I can think of right now anyway LOL 🙂

But… if you’ve got ANY questions, please just contact me! And I’ll get back to you pronto!

So now… you can either:

OR… if you’re ready to get started…

And I’ll see you soon 🙂


And cheers for now!

Stephen Spry

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