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You know, Life IS Better when you Build your Future Online!

And the timing has never been better to set yourself up with a new career path and establish an online business!

The technology that we have available right now for you to do this is absolutely amazing! It makes it just so much easier than ever before, to do “something” – in fact, almost anything – online! And with the rapid growth of the Internet, it won’t be very long before everyone on the whole planet has access to it. That’s billions of people able to buy and sell things, to learn things, and to WORK online!

And that means there are lots of people who can now look for a serious alternative online career path because they are just not being satisfied with their real world “job”!

And there are many others who have a “brilliant idea”, and they are trying really hard to get it online.Then there are those who already have a small business online.

And the latest thing now, of course, is to be a “Digital Nomad”! (something I’ve been doing since late 2013).

Hi! I’m Stephen Spry!

In 1995 I left a full-time teaching career, and I’ve built a full-time online career since then as a web developer and online publisher.

And despite “leaving” teaching, a major part of my job has still been educating people! But this time, instead of high school students, I’ve been educating business owners about the Internet and trying to help them succeed online. And I really enjoy providing instruction to these people. I enjoy guiding them to take the relevant actions to identify and refine their goals.

It’s a great feeling helping them to overcome the hurdles that get in their way. To show them how to effectively deal with all the BS and snake oil that might come from all the scammers! And I really love showing them the steps they need to take to hopefully turn their brilliant ideas into a raging success!* At the same time, it’s a huge thrill to see them build more interesting, stimulating and rewarding lives online for themselves and their family.

But… and isn’t there always one of them… there’s a bit of a problem! Things just aren’t quite living up to their expectations!

I see it far too often, and I just have to ask WHY a lot of these people are having a hard time actually DOING this online thing? Why are things NOT working out for them the way they thought it would?

Look, I know that setting up ANY business isn’t easy! Online or off. And there’s no “manual” to help you do it properly! Despite all the information we now have access to, it’s practically impossible to find a decent resource that actually teaches all that you REALLY need to know to get started properly in an online career!

You could spend weeks, months or even years scouring the Internet to get this information for “free”… But how reliable is it? How accurate is it? There’s far too much incorrect information out there! There are far too many distractions to know what to do, and when to do it? So often the end result is never achieved!!

So THAT is why I developed YBI, or “Your Brilliant Idea” – to provide people just like YOU, with a totally comprehensive online course, based on my online experience over the past 22 years!

YBI teaches you practically EVERYTHING you need to know AND do, to get yourself properly set up in business online! I’ve organised it all so a lot more people can get the right advice they need, to make the changes they want, and without it costing them an arm and a leg!

YBI teaches you practically EVERYTHING you need to know AND do, to get yourself PROPERLY set up in business online!

In a nutshell, you’ll start with:

  1. understanding WHY you want to go online…
  2. then do the market research
  3. develop a comprehensive business plan
  4. write the content needed…
  5. put it all online
  6. promote the daylights out of it…
  7. evaluate what you’ve done… and then
  8. how you can grow it further!

Step-by-step, THAT is what is contained inside the full YBI Course.

It’s ALL of the foundational training you need to get your own small business up and running online, and build your life and your future, properly!

Because when you take the RIGHT steps… you end up in the right PLACE!

And right now your first step is to PREVIEW the entire course for FREE here.  Get a much greater understanding of what is REALLY involved in starting out properly with your new online career!

And hopefully, once you’ve seen me perform 😉 you’ll sign up for the complete course!

Or skip the preview… Take the BIG Leap! Purchase Your Membership Here!!!

But whether or not you become one of my students, I sincerely wish you all the success you truly deserve in whatever endeavours you take on! I’d certainly love to see more of you!

Finally… before we go… just ask yourself…

“In what ways can YOUR life be better when you build your future online?”

How would it feel:

  • To take charge of your own destiny?
  • To build your future away from the old 9-5 “rat race”?
  • To discover the freedom that comes from being your own boss?
  • To experience the feelings that come from being creative and productive?


Find out. Here. With Your Brilliant Idea.

Stephen Spry,
Mid North Coast, Australia

© 2022

* Big Disclaimer: while we do all hope to become a raging success in what we do, unfortunately, I cannot guarantee any “level” of success at all. THAT is so dependent on your business idea, the blend of marketing strategies you choose to use, and lots of good old-fashioned luck!

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