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Right HERE is the foundational knowledge you need to make your life better when you build your future with an online career, and run your own ethical Internet based business.

It doesn’t matter whether you are:
¬Ľ¬†already in a job,
¬Ľ¬†currently unemployed,
¬Ľ¬†looking for a new side-gig,
¬Ľ¬†already in a small business,
¬Ľ¬†approaching, or in retirement, or possibly
¬Ľ¬†looking at career paths after school or college…

THIS is what you need to know to get properly established in your new online career!

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“Your Brilliant Idea”¬†is an online course perfect for those people with little/no previous experience in running an online business. Lessons focus on learning how to set up a proper online business WITHOUT spending a fortune on extras you don’t need ūüôā

You can be confident that the online business you establish as part of this course addresses all the major issues I’ve identified, as a veteran web designer and publisher, and gives you the best possible chance of it succeeding!

YBI Course Outline:

  • understand¬†WHY¬†you want to go online‚Ķ
  • do the¬†market research needed and identify your ideal customer…
  • quickly develop a unique to you¬†business model¬†that can make your business stand out
  • decide whether your brilliant idea is, or isn’t…
  • carefully craft the¬†content¬†needed to appeal to your “ideal” customer
  • put your stuff online without all the tech hassle
  • promote¬†the daylights out of it‚Ķ
  • evaluate¬†what you‚Äôve done‚Ķ and then
  • grow¬†it further!

Step-by-step, THAT is what is contained inside YBI.

ALL of the foundational training needed to get your own small business up and running online, and build your life and your future, properly!

Because when you take the RIGHT steps… you end up in the right PLACE!

Oh… Did I mention it’s totally free to check it out???¬†ūüôā

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Life’s Better When You Build Your Future Online!

Your Brilliant Idea is a 12 Module Video and Text based online training course.
YBI is presented by a native English speaking trainer with 20+years experience online!
A Support Desk is available for all students.


This presentation contains images used under a Creative Commons License.

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